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Technic: object installation / sculpture / painting

Materials: fabric, foam, acrylic painting

Size: ~10m long x 0,60m circumference


The snake is one of the most symbolic entities that unify the original American ethnic groups. For some tribes of Amazonas, the snake is related with their myths of creation or origin, connected with the past group migrations.

The Great Mother Snake is seen by the artist as the creator entity responsible for the great migratory trip of the human being to the Amazon. The tail of the snake represents the beginning of our journey and its head points to the future.

The meaning of The Great Mother Snake expands universally, because the migration is part of our continuous human struggle. We all came from somewhere and maybe we continue to move as we search for where is our place in the world…

* The snake is being exhibited in different places according to its concept related to movement and migration.



installation and paintings, various sizes and technics

About motherhood and the sense of protection, creation and fertility; the connection between women and nature; the symbolic relations envolving natural elements and cultural references with female figures.

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