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Brazilian visual artist, poet and art professor from the Amazon, Priscila Pinto (1978) utilizes different artistic techniques and mediums to create a contemporary vision of the interconnection between nature, culture and the spiritual world. She addresses universal subjects like perception, memory, identity and feminine symbolism. 

The artist combines bidimensionality with tridimensionality using a wide range of materials and techniques, from traditional to high tech, mostly with strong colors and organic shapes. Her work includes painting on various surfaces, drawing, objects, installation, poetry, and digital art within the context of her unique experimental processes and concepts, incorporating natural elements from the forest combined with modern synthetic materials and digital images printed on a variety of mediums. 

In 1999 she started to work as an independent illustrator and cartoonist. Since then, she has participated in 5 individual art exhibitions and around 30 group exhibitions with numerous award winning artistic projects.

Besides her visual art career, Priscila Pinto is a published author: her works include academic publications and poetry that have won literary awards. Her literary career started in 1999 as well, when her first poem got published in the anthology Poetas Ocultos II.


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